Waxing is a safe and hygienic way to remove any unwanted hair by the root. Results can last for 4 to 6 weeks depending on your natural growth rate. Clients new to waxing may experience regrowth sooner due to their hair being on a different growth cycle. For an effective treatment hair must be grown for around 3-4 weeks or until they are about 5mm. This ensures that all the hairs can be removed from the area, and you are not left with any short hairs afterwards.

½ Leg Wax £16.50

Full Leg Wax £25.00

Forearms £16.50

Full Arms £18.00

Underarms £10.00

Back Wax £22.50

Chest Wax £22.50

Abdomen Wax £10.00

Brow Wax £8.50

Lip or Chin wax £8.00

Lip and Chin Wax £12.00

Brows Lip and Chin Wax £16.00

Standard Bikini Wax £14.00
two side panel wax in the knicker line and crease of the leg.

Brazilian Wax £36.00
Hair is removed from the inner/outer labia landing strip left on pubic mound (must be specified when booking appointment)

Hollywood Wax £36.00
completely bare- a thorough wax that removes everything from front to back. (must be specified when booking appointment)

*Prices may be decreased for regular waxers with reduced hair growth