Express-File and Polish 30 mins £12.00

(Cuticles must be in excellent condition and nails free from polish)

Prescriptive Manicure 45 mins £21.00

Deluxe Manicure 60 mins £26.00

Standard Pedicure 60 mins £26.00

Deluxe Pedicure 75 mins £30.00

Hard Skin and callus removal £22.00

Hard Skin and callus removal included in pedicure £27.00

Gel Bottle inc

The Gel Bottle Inc was born with high quality and innovation in mind, offering an incredible array of over 360 unique colours to satisfy everyone’s taste.

It applies like a polish and sets under a specialised UV lamp providing an ultra-glossy application in just minutes. The Gel Bottle is completely dry straight away and safely removes in minutes.

Shellac polish and file £18.00

Gel polish, French Manicure £19.50

Gel polish Manicure £30.50

Gel polish mini manicure £21.50

Gel polish Pedicure £36.50

Gel polish Mini pedicure £27.50

Removal of gel polish and file £10.00

Removal of gel & Re polish £22.50