Hollywood waxing

Whereas a Brazilian finish leaves a ‘landing strip’ above the pubic bone, a Hollywood wax removes hair from the entire pubic region – including the labia, perineum, anus, and mons pubis – leaving a professional, silky-smooth finish.

We recommend you trim the area to around ½ an inch in length before coming into the salon for this treatment. This makes the whole process that little bit more comfortable for you.

Hollywood waxes are ideal for clients wanting that feel-good freshness, whatever the occasion, and whatever the time of year.

For many clients, however, a Hollywood wax can be a daunting experience. At Enlightenment Telford, you can be assured that our trained beauticians treat sensitive areas with care to ensure a fresh and elegant look – every time.

And we believe excellent treatment can only be achieved by using specialised, reliable products.

Waxing is administered using high-quality Perron Rigot hot wax to ensure safe, swift, and long-lasting removal of hair.

Perron Rigot are industry-leaders in manufacturing premium depilatory waxes. Since 1936, their waxes have been used by beauticians all over the world – helping us to help you feel good.

We choose to use this product because of the excellent results and feedback we receive from our clients alone. Unlike many other waxes, the Perron Rigot brand is fast-drying and flexible, ensuring your comfort remains a priority.